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Buena Vista’s Rebhuhn Wins State Hog Wild Award
January 22, 2019

Mike Rebhuhn, Albert City, was named Iowa’s Hog Wild award winner during the recent Iowa Pork Congress. Rebhuhn first received the Hog Wild award for his outstanding pork promotion work in District 1 of the Iowa Pork Producers Association (IPPA). He was then selected as the state winner.

The Hog Wild and Belle Ringer awards recognize the men and women who play key roles in the pork industry through their county pork producer organizations. These individuals show the highest qualities of leadership, dedication and commitment to the activities that promote the Iowa pork industry. The IPPA Promotions Committee selects the district and state winners of the awards.

Rebhuhn has been the Buena Vista County Pork Producers Grillmaster for 24 years. In nominating him, the county said, “As grillmaster, Mike has taken our organization from a few disorganized farmers to a polished grilling machine. He has fabricated and repaired two of our grills that we use for countless yearly grilling events, and he helped procure and organize the trailer we have with all our grilling supplies for big events.

“Mike has helped with countless grilling events over the years – probably approaching hundreds in number – in our local area and at county fairs. Members of our organization have said that Mike has always been considered “Mr. Reliable” and that he never says no when something needs to be done. Without Mike, we do not know if our organization would have maintained itself as an active county over the years.”

In addition to his work with the grill team, Rebhuhn has organized and coordinated school visits in the county. During these events, Rebhuhn engages the county Pork Queen and Pigtail participants into teaching young students about pigs and the life of a pig farmer. He also organizes pork certificate giveaways with local grocery stores, totaling $3000 to $4000 per year.

Other district 2018 Hog Wild winners announced at the 2019 awards event were Rick Werner, Manchester, for District 4, and Francis Bloomquist, Stuart, of District 6.


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