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Iowa Select Farms sow farm manager receives IPPA award
January 26, 2017

(CLIVE, Iowa) - A woman who has worked her way into a management role for Iowa's largest pork producer has earned a 2016 Master Pork Partner Award from the Iowa Pork Producers Association and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

Adriana Hernandez, who was recently promoted to a multi-site manager for Iowa Select Farms, received a certificate of achievement and the brass Master Pork Producer belt buckle at the Iowa Pork Congress Banquet in Des Moines last night. 

Hernandez came to the United States after obtaining an animal science degree from the University of Guadalajara in Mexico. She joined Iowa Select in 1998 as a sow farm technician and quickly progressed to a day one lead, breed lead, farrowing department head and breeding department head before becoming the manager of a sow farm.

Now, Adriana's in charge of two sow farms and not only supervises two, 12-person crews, but also oversees the training needs of key groups of new employees at her farms. She focuses on implementing Iowa Select's SelectPride safety program and constantly looks for ways to do things better and more safely. 

Hernandez has a unique skill to teach and provide hands-on training on animal practices in the breed-to-wean phase of production. She has vast knowledge in sow productivity, body condition scoring and feed allocation, breeding and reproductive physiology and farrowing and colostrum management. Recently, she has been learning a considerable amount about managing group sow housing and filtration conversion as both of those renovations are taking place on the farms she manages.

Adriana is a familiar face around the Iowa Pork Tent as she has volunteered at IPPA's Iowa State Fair concession for several years. She recently became the subject of a Real Pig Farming video that focused on showing the swine industry's diversity. 

Hernandez and her husband, Gustavo Alvarez, who also is an Iowa Select sow farm manager, reside in Ames. The couple has three children.

The Master Pork Partner Award recognizes pork production company employees who have demonstrated positive impacts in their production systems and a commitment to the We Care ethical principles, but don't have active daily roles at a specific production site. This is the third year that the award has been presented. 


Download Pork Partner - Hernandez

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