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Keynote: The Stories We Tell Ourselves: How stories of pigs shape how we feel about pork production today
Vance Crowe
10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
HyVee Hall - Lower Level Rooms 107-108

While the world reveres the Western cowboy, it is the unseen pig producers that raise the most meat for people around the world. Most Americans have forgotten why we have a Wall Street, where Razorbacks came from, and the fact that many of our nation’s first roads were created by the hooves of pigs being driven to market. Today’s modern pig producer should know the stories of pork’s past to be able to create its future.

Stories of our past are far more important than most realize. They teach lessons hard learned, shape our values, and create the identities that bind us together during tough times. International communications consultant Vance Crowe will highlight fun tales of pork production and provide insight into the power of the stories we tell ourselves so that the audience can tell the public, and themselves, why they do what they do and what value it brings to the world, a particularly valuable skill in an age where people love their bacon yet create laws that make it more difficult to produce.

The audience will leave inspired and understand the key inner workings of storytelling; including how to create a compelling story arch, the role of the heroes and mentors, and a look into why Ag’s critics are so good at creating stories that spread among consumers.

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