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Pork Congress Seminars & Events

Iowa Pork Congress Youth Swine Judging Contest

8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Iowa State Farigrounds, Livestock Pavilion

The Iowa Pork Producers Association invites all Iowa 4-H and FFA members to participate in the 11th annual Youth Swine Judging Contest at the 2019 Iowa Pork Congress! Participants can learn more about judging hogs, earn valuable college scholarships and explore everything Iowa Pork Congress has to offer. Contact Iowa Pork Prodcuers Association at (800) 372-7675 or  for more information or to register your team today!

Please take the time to thank all of our Judging Contest sponsors for their continued support of our youth!!!

Waldo Genetics

Eldon C. Stusman Inc.

Pork Checkoff

Producers Livestock

Swine Genetics International



Thursday, Jan. 24 (Registration at 8 a.m. Contest begins at 10 a.m.)

This contest is meant to be a team event and students are encouraged to be on teams. A team will consist of 4 students, with 3 of the scores counting towards the team total. Teams of 3 will be allowed if a team of 4 cannot be formed. If a team of 3 cannot be formed, individuals will be accepted.

Buses, vans and cars will be able to park on the west side of Pioneer Livestock Pavilion on Rock Island Avenue on the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

1.) Keep/Cull Gilt Class
: The keep/cull class will challenge the students to evaluate 8 pigs based on breeding characteristics of a good female. They will be asked to select 4 gilts they would like to keep and put back into the breeding herd.

Information available: IPPA has copies available (free of charge to students) of gilt selection materials focusing on feet and leg soundness, condition score and maternal reproductive characteristics.  

2.) Live Carcass Evaluation: The carcass evaluation class asks students to examine each pig separately and determine its weight, loin eye size, back fat and compare and rank the 10 pigs on percent lean. The class is designed to simulate selling pigs on a grid.

3.) Market Hog Class and Commercial Gilt Class: The last two hog evaluation classes will fit more of what the students are accustomed to when it comes to livestock judging contest. Each will have a total of four live animals and students will be asked to rank them from best to worst.

4.) Commercial Pork Production and Meat Quality exams: Students are going to be asked to take part in two small assessments both containing approximately 12 questions. The first will focus mostly on general farm practices when it comes to pork production. The second will focus on meat quality and characteristics as they relate to pork production.

For exhibitor information, contact Doug Fricke
via email at or call (515) 225-7675.

For information on seminars,
contact Drew Mogler via email at or call (515) 225-7675.

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