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The New Product Showcase provides a quick listing of the companies that are introducing something new at the 2019 Iowa Pork Congress. You will find a description of the product, contact information for the company and the exhibitor's booth number. As you stroll through the tradeshow, please allow time to visit with these companies to learn more about their new product offerings. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of new or enhanced solutions to help you in your swine business!

Booth #939
4400 North Point Pkwy, Suite #275
Alpharetta, GA 30022
Contact: Jana Brackenridge

Selisseo is the first pure source of organic selenium for swine in the U.S market. Selisseo provides animals with high antioxidant capabilities even in challenging conditions. 

Agri Feed International, LLC
Booth #439
7444 Thrush Avenue
Rockwell, IA 50469
Contact: Jason Switzer

AgriMune DP (Dispersible Powder) is an ultra-concentrated preparation of Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS), Beta Glucans and Yeast Culture designed as a possible alternative to antibiotics. 

Altenburg Construction Inc.
Booth #739
221 PV Street North
Lewisville, MN 56060
Contact: Andy Altenburg

Bio Security is one of our top priorities. To better serve our customers, we have built a new wash bay to wash & disinfect and dry all our equipment between jobs.

American Farm Rubber LLC
Booth #139
7182 US Highway 14 STE 402
Middleton, WI 53562
Contact: Jay Liu

Ideal for creep feeding or Wean to Finish. 4' by 4', with lips, and anti-tear. 24 lb and hand holes for easy handling.

Booth #1607
7201 N 98th Street
Lincoln, NE 68507
Contact: Nathan Grube

Monitor feed inventory via phone, tablet, or PC using FeedView® web application and battery-powered FVL-100 laser level sensors. Manage VDF, ADFI, days until empty, with automated alerts

Cerdos, LLC
Booth #338
Contact: Darin Kuhlow

Fertify™ is a fertility enhancing feed supplement for all species of livestock. It increases semen quality, as well as improves female fertility aspects.

Crystal Spring Hog Equipment
Booth #329
1 Crystal Spring Drive
Ste Agathe, MB R0G 1Y0- Canada
Contact: Natalia Rimi

The new Inline Regulator (ILR) Valve allows a simple, reliable and cost-effective method to manage water flow in your wet-dry feeder.

Booth #1022
2320 Lake Avenue
Fairmont, MN 56001
Contact: Travis Anderson

Ht-tech swine is an advanced health technology blended specifically to improve pig performance. 

Dilution Solutions
Booth #826
2090 Sunnydale Blvd.
Clearwater, FL 33765
Contact: Jim Downing

e128 Medicator was designed for your medicating and water treatment needs in the livestock industry. The e128 uses proportional control with a water meter to direct inject at a fixed rate of 1:128.

Double L Group, LLC
Booth #310
2020 Beltine Road
Dyersville, IA 52040
Contact: Jeanne Zittergruen

Made in USA, Premier Nursery Floor is a heavy-duty slat with bright lime green color for easy scour detection and cleaning. Superior high/low traction design.

DSM Nutritional Products
Booth #934
45 Waterview Boulevard
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Contact: Dawn Bracy

VevoVitall® is an ultra-pure form of benzoic acid, proven to improve performance in today’s U.S. post-weaning nursery diets.

Booth #603
2500 Innovation Way
Greenfield, IN 46140
Contact: Amanda Walls

Prevacent PRRS is the first and only commercially available Lineage 1 vaccine. Prevacent PRRS has demonstrated 26-week duration of immunity against respiratory disease in piglets.

Energy Solutions Air
Booth #911
400 Marquette Rd
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
Contact: Randy Taylor

Single motor, dual airflow, heat recovery ventilators engineered and proven to help improve air quality, animal welfare, reduce green house gasses and heating costs.

Engineered Products Company
Booth #828

ProSeries™ “Junior” LED Utility Luminaire is a sustainable, cost-effective alternative LED lighting solution. Provides a better performing lighting system. Eliminates outdated incandescent or compact fluorescent lamps. Reduced energy consumption, reduces electrical expenses.

Euroduna Americas Inc.
Booth #719
PO Box 1138
Plymouth, MA 02362

Contact: Bart Weldon

CAROMIC is a pure natural product, manufactured from the deseeded fruit of the carob tree., perfect for flavoring purposes, carbohydrate supply and addressing gut health issues

FarrPro, Inc.
Booth #1609
1212 Highland Ct.
Iowa City, IA 52240
Contact: Chris Hanson

The Haven is a heat and light supplementation platform for piglets: an energy-efficient microclimate chamber that improves animals’ health and well-being during the farrowing process.

Feed Energy
Booth #1501
4400 East University Ave
Pleasant Hill, IA 50327
Contact: Ted Stephens

Feed Energy’s BuildR2 and StartR2 deliver essential fatty acid nutrition for better sow and pig performance while providing a natural defense against profit reducing pathogens.

Furst-McNess Company
Booth #1101
5435 NW 100th Street,
Suite 401
Johnston, IA 50131
Contact: Lori Utoft

FURST FINISHER H2O™ is a unique water supplement specifically for finishing pigs to support health, water and feed intake and performance during challenge periods

Global Vet Link
Booth #322
2604 Northridge Parkway
Ames, IA 50010
Contact: Rebecca Haugland

In 2019, GlobalVetLink will relaunch with a redesigned interface. New GVL® features will provide more intuitive tools for veterinarians to create documents and manage data.

IFA Roller-Grinder
Booth #212
124 West Main Street
Stanley, IA
Contact: Scott

Micro table for weighing small ingredients into mixer (computer controlled) or manual control onto either u-trough or belt conveyor.


Moore Automation Inc.
Booth #427
411 Main Street East
Trimont, MN 56176
Contact: Kevin Moore

MORE than a single feedline switch, this unit will control 4 feed lines simultaneously and provides the flexibility to configure feedlines to your feeding protocol.

Nedap Livestock Management
Booth #501
401 Edgewater Place
Suite 560
Wakefield, MA 01880
Contact: Cheryl Day

Your pigs don’t stop. Now your data doesn’t either. Nedap offers performance-based data and services to manage your pigs and bottom line in real-time.

Novid, Inc.
Booth #526
Box 101
Rosenort, MB, Canada
R0G 1W0
Contact: Shawn Compton

Enhanced in-vessel compost system for deadstock. NoviComp is a fully stainless MODULAR design which allows producers flexibility in growing their capacity without purchasing additional units.

Once Inc.
Booth #429
15255 23rd Avenue North
Plymouth, MN 55447
Contact: Tanya Streifel

The AgriShift® HL-UVA is a highly efficient and adaptable LED that focuses on the environmental importance that ultraviolet perception plays in the welfare of swine.

Pig Easy, LLC
Booth #114
31423 Jade Ave
Templeton, IA 51463
Contact: Katie Holtz

The PigEasy GDU/Finishing Feeder is a “pig” intuitive approach to feeding gilts in the GDU and pigs in the finishing barn.

Booth #443
42204 245th Street
Alexandria, SD 57311
Contact: Tyler Laffey

SDI’s new one-handed feed shut-off system. Allows for the operator to independently shut off feed to one side of the feed shelf while still allowing the other side to operate.

Stenner Pump Company
Booth #1027
3174 DeSalvo Road
Jacksonville, FL 32246
Contact: Steve Sullivan

U.S. manufacturer of self-priming peristaltic injection pumps for disinfection, pH adjustment, hydrogen peroxide, well water treatment and Vaccinator ™ timer pump for Ileitis oral vaccines.

Swine Safety Designs, LLC
Booth #826
PO Box 182
Norton, KS 67654
Contact: Samantha Marais

Swine Safety Designs formulates company specific swine production courses for our clients that create effective training techniques for both new and veteran swine production employees.

SwineTech, Inc.
Booth #223
230 2nd Street
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
Contact: Matthew Rooda

SmartGuard is an intelligent device that can prevent piglet crushing in real-time by analyzing the sounds and movements of a sow and her piglets.

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