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Action Manufacturing Inc
Booth #227
1105 Lake Road, PO Box 620
Marshall, MN 56258
Contact: Tim Wing

The new design of the Action Trackporter allows for more versatility in your swine production operation.

Booth #628
PO Box 208 Fulton, IL 61252
Contact: Rod Hall

AKMC uses live (viable) probiotic bacteria and antioxidant ingredients like Vitamins A and E, plus zinc, to help livestock get the most from nutrionally-challenging feeds. 

Altenburg Construction Inc
Booth #740
221 PV ST PO Box 48 Lewisville, MN 56060
Contact: Andy Altenburg

Slat Shield is a coating that protects your slats from wear around feeders and waterers. We have an 8 year warranty and install the product ourselves, allowing your barn to be back in operation within 8 hours of installation. 

Booth #613
1004 E Illinois St. Assumption, IL 62510
Contact: Randy Myers

The Flex-Flow XD ULTRA Unloader offers 50% larger boot to minimize feed bridging events; fiberglass-filled wear plate for 4X increased wear resistance; cost-effective feed delivery; and durable housing with less corrosion. 

Booth #919
5034 Grand Ridge Dr. West Des Moines, IA 50265
Contact: Greg Burroughs

The next-generation wireless, smart barn alarm for growers and integrators - BarnTalk. The easiest-to-use tech you'll put in your barn and affordable across your entire operation.

Bimeda Inc
Booth #226
One Tower Ln. Suite 2250, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
Contact: Dr. Paul Lawrence

Safe, effective, custom-made (autogenous) swine vaccines to keep animals healthy and productive. Come talk to us to learn more!

Bimeda Inc
Booth #226
One Tower Ln. Suite 2250, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
Contact: Chris Engel

BiloVet® 200mg/ml tylosin injection. Bioequivalent to Tylan® 200 injection

Bimeda Inc
Booth #226
One Tower Ln. Suite 2250, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
Contact: Chris Engel

Macrosyn® 100mg/ml tulathromycin injection. Bioequivalent to Draxxin®.

CBS Bio Platforms
Booth #711
4389 112 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2C 0J7, Canada
Contact: Tanya McLellan

Dietary protein is the second most expensive dietary nutrient in livestock feeds. ProSparity is an innovative feed technology that unlocks higher nutritional value from protein sources, allowing optimized feed utilization at reduced cost. 

Booth #801
401 E. Syracuse St. PO Box 2000, Milford IN 46542-2000
Contact: Kim Carlisle

PigTek SWING-FIX™ Gestation Stalls are Prop 12 compliant with a central lock and release function that works with a block of stalls or individual stalls.

CJ Bio America
Booth #107
1946 Harvest Ave. Fort Dodge, IA 50501
Contact: Todd Anderson

THR Pro is essential for digestion due to its high concentration of gastrointestinal mucin and its necessity in building immunoglobulins, while maintaining growth performance in low crude protein diets.

CSA Animal Nutrition
Booth #910
6640 Poe Ave, Suite 225, Dayton, OH 45414
Contact: Douglas Cook

LBiotix is a proven postbiotic for swine which supports normal digestive health. It also supplies stabilized Lactobacillus and metabolites without the stability constraints of live Lactobacillus.

Envira-North Systems
Booth #644
139 Sparling St. Seaforth, Ontario, Canada, N0K 1W0
Contact: Steve Baldwin

Our Gearless Sailfin Hog Fan is a high volume, low speed fan proven effective in Finishing Barns. Visit our booth to find out how.

Furst McNess Company
Booth #1101
5435 NW 100th Street #401, Johnston, Iowa 50131
Contact: Heather DeHeer

Furst Protect Direct - the only product of its kind delivering a complete nutritional health solution via drinking water. Supports long-term health, even beyond product consumption.

Innovative Heating Technologies
Booth #429
205 Oakland Road, Oak Bluff, Manitoba, R4G 0A4
Contact: Matt Robins

Our Nursery Heat Mat provides the essential heat a newly weaned piglet needs during its transition away from a farrowing crate into a nursery environment.

J&D Manufacturing
Booth #119
6200 US-12, Eau Claire, WI 54701
Contact: Emily Laufenberg

Specifically designed for positive pressure ventilation, it forces air into a barn or building instead of exhausting air out. Commonly used in filtered facilities, the Force allows for greater control over static pressure and its perfect for retrofitting.

Booth #401
16201 W 95th St, Suite 300
Lenexa, KS 66219
Contact: Ross Free

Nuflor® is the first and only injectible florfenicol approved for use in U.S. swine.

Booth #1215
805 Red Iron Rd, Black River Falls WI 54615
Contact: Misha Porter & Angela Lahn

Innovative association of macroalgae extracts (Olmix MSP) used in the feed to optimize performance by maintaining pigs’ natural defenses and supporting them in stressful periods.

Osborne Industries, Inc
Booth #127
120 N. Industrial Ave, PO Box 388, Osborne, KS 67473
Contact: Jim Hindman

Osborne's new SaFIRE system provides fully-automated individual feed intake and growth performance data on small pigs in commercially-realistic groups for genetic, feed, and pharmaceutical research.

Osborne Industries, Inc.
Booth #127
120 N. Industrial Ave, PO Box 388, Osborne, KS 67473
Contact: Jim Hindman

Flow Pro eliminates bridging and ensures your animals always have feed with no damaging impacts or high-frequency vibrations to your bins.

Phason Electronic Controls
Booth #302
2 Terracon Place, Winnipeg, Manatoba, CA R2J 4G7
Contact: Stephen Ishmael

Connect 2 is Phason's scalable environmental controller to manage and control equipment in your hog barns, with remote connectivity and reporting.

PrairiE Systems
Booth #235
1803 Hwy Blvd, Spencer, IA 51301
Contact: Milo Bauermeister-Carey & Joel Stave

LeeO™ is a radio frequency identification (RFID) system that allows producers to have greater visibility into individual animal data. You will capture data on a mobile device with accuracy that is impossible to achieve using paper and pencil.

ProStar Energy Soultions
Booth #443
One Cowboys Way, Suite 575 Frisco,TX 75034
Contact: Richard Hill

The N2 Unit is a revolutionary piece of technology that will turn liquid manure into sustainable fertilizer by doubling the Nitrogen and eliminating emissions.

Purina Animal Nutrition
Booth #319
Contact: Doug Krull

Enterid™ addresses gut challenges by capturing bacteria to support optimal gut microbial profile and helps contain bacteria to support optimal environmental microbial populations. Enterid™ is exclusive to Purina.

Booth #913
600 MIchigan Road Marshall, MN 56258
Contact: Andy Lanoue

Dual Defender® supports feed biosecurity and improved immune system efficiency. Independent research has shown reduced impact of viruses such as PRRS and PEDv.

SKOV North America Ltd.
Booth #213
Contact: Jeffrey Morten

50-inch box fan with minimum energy consumption and a high airflow ratio. BF 50 is made of thermoplastic and stainless steel – made to withstand the harsh environment in a modern livestock house.

Stenner Pump Company
Booth #1027
3174 DeSalvo Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32246
Contact: Amber Lee

The S10P is a flow activated metering pump featuring 4 modes of operation and performance indicators including leak detect and pulse repeat to house controllers.

SwineTech, Inc.
Booth #719
100 S Cedar St. Solon Iowa 52333
Contact: Matthew Rooda

PigFlow is a workforce management platform that empowers producers to more effectively manage daily workflows, process compliance, and pig care.

Booth #813
201 Airport Rd Washington, IA 52353
Contact: Matt Bonebrake

VTI Switchback Row Unit: This unit swivels in its mount, has 8" vertical travel. The coilspring and torsion rubber absorbs vibration for smooth operation and less stress on your equipment.

Booth #813
201 Airport Rd Washington, IA 52353
Contact: Matt Bonebrake

VTI Contour Master Swivel: This swivel is lighter and sleeker than the original that utilizes torsion rubber technology for more controlled contouring and less wear.

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